About Those Baseboards

Do you SEE those? Look down. Look closer. You might even have to lower to the ground to get a good enough look. Now do you see them? Those baseboards are infamous for accumulating dust and harboring the scuff marks of months or years of activities of daily living!

They are an area of the home that are many times not given the love and attention they deserve.

Have you ever cleaned your floors and still didn’t feel the exhilarating feeling of an immaculate floor job?

Missed, or unattended baseboards can easily contribute to this dilemma. Taking a little extra time around the edges of your canvas can make your masterpiece of a floor really sparkle that much brighter once the job is finished.

Don’t worry! Those baseboards are an easy fix.

There are many methods for tackling a good baseboard cleaning. It really all depends on how long yours have gone unattended. If you don’t have a lot of length to cover, paper towels can be used, but if you have plenty of area to cover, go with a good cleaning cloth that you can easily rinse, wring-out, and reuse. As far as solution is concerned, any all-purpose cleaners can work wonders for this task. Even a simple mixture of soap and water works great. For the all-natural solution that many look for, vinegar and water can be used as an alternative. I’ve even seen baseboards with minimal dust come clean with just a swipe of a cloth dampened with water.

Are some marks not budging?

Or taking way too much effort than you’re willing to give for them? There is an easy solution for that too! A magic eraser will do just the trick for scuff marks, scratches, or stubborn accidental markings. This will work amazingly with minimal effort and it becomes tempting to go crazy with them. A misuse of these magic erasers can leave an area or areas of your walls looking unfinished or dull. Be mindful of that if you begin to use them on your walls as they can remove the finish sometimes in seconds notice.

Lastly, remember that anything you aren’t willing to take time out for, you can always pay someone else to do just that! Don’t forget to bring up touching up your baseboards to your trusted house cleaner.

Baseboard cleanings are something all good house-cleaners should be well familiar with.

If you don’t have a House Cleaner to give those baseboards the extra care and attention they need, contact us at Cleaning By Nikkilyn LLC.

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