About Those Baseboards

Do you SEE those? Look down. Look closer. You might even have to lower to the ground to get a good enough look. Now do you see them? Those baseboards are infamous for accumulating dust and harboring the scuff marks of months or years of activities of daily living!

They are an area of the home that are many times not given the love and attention they deserve.

Have you ever cleaned your floors and still didn’t feel the exhilarating feeling of an immaculate floor job?

Missed, or unattended baseboards can easily contribute to this dilemma. Taking a little extra time around the edges of your canvas can make your masterpiece of a floor really sparkle that much brighter once the job is finished.

Don’t worry! Those baseboards are an easy fix.

There are many methods for tackling a good baseboard cleaning. It really all depends on how long yours have gone unattended. If you don’t have a lot of length to cover, paper towels can be used, but if you have plenty of area to cover, go with a good cleaning cloth that you can easily rinse, wring-out, and reuse. As far as solution is concerned, any all-purpose cleaners can work wonders for this task. Even a simple mixture of soap and water works great. For the all-natural solution that many look for, vinegar and water can be used as an alternative. I’ve even seen baseboards with minimal dust come clean with just a swipe of a cloth dampened with water.

Are some marks not budging?

Or taking way too much effort than you’re willing to give for them? There is an easy solution for that too! A magic eraser will do just the trick for scuff marks, scratches, or stubborn accidental markings. This will work amazingly with minimal effort and it becomes tempting to go crazy with them. A misuse of these magic erasers can leave an area or areas of your walls looking unfinished or dull. Be mindful of that if you begin to use them on your walls as they can remove the finish sometimes in seconds notice.

Lastly, remember that anything you aren’t willing to take time out for, you can always pay someone else to do just that! Don’t forget to bring up touching up your baseboards to your trusted house cleaner.

Baseboard cleanings are something all good house-cleaners should be well familiar with.

If you don’t have a House Cleaner to give those baseboards the extra care and attention they need, contact us at Cleaning By Nikkilyn LLC.

How can I have my Home Cleaned regularly if I’m hardly EVER home?

The most common reason clients need their homes cleaned is simply a lack of adequate time, and lack of ability to be present.

This is a problem any seasoned house cleaner has dealt with on a recurring basis, and there are often multiple solutions!

First and foremost, many people have a hard time imagining someone in there home for an extended period of time while they’re not present. So before jumping straight into that risky situation, do your research on the companies or people you are considering for cleaning.

Before scheduled routine cleanings, a usual first step is a consultation to communicate what is to be done, as well as further specifics. But this is not always mandatory to be in person. Ask your cleaner in question if an over the phone consultation is available. I’ve had plenty of clients give very clear requests of what they want done, and as well, great instructions on how they like them to be done. Also, any other specifics that need to be addressed can be done this way such as cleaners to be used and/or not used, whether or not there are pets in the home, and desired techniques.

After having all important details discussed and understood, you should be all ready to have your first appointment booked. All that is left is their means of entry onto the premises.

There are plenty of options upon the arrival of your house cleaner.

One option is to give your cleaner a key to your home. This can be a duplicate key made just for them. If that doesn’t sit well with you, you can always leave a spare key in a secret accessible predetermined area like under a rug, under a particular rock, or even inside your mailbox.

Another option is available only if you have a garage on your residence. A given garage code could be your cleaner’s means of entry. This way, the garage can be closed behind them both after arrival and departure upon your request.

The last option is to leave an unlocked access point. This does not have to be your front door! This can be a side door, or back patio door. But whatever works best for you is perfect. And this can be locked behind them as they’re leaving. The neighborhood you live in as well as your surroundings will have the most impact on which method you choose.

Above all, having a house cleaner you can trust is key!

If you don’t have a trusted house cleaner, feel free to contact us at Cleaning By Nikkilyn LLC, and get your home serviced without a physical presence being necessary for your consultation or any cleanings.

How to Get More Out of Your Housecleaner’s Time

How to Get More Out of Your Houecleaner's TimeHave you ever paid for a house cleaners time, and felt as a result that you didn’t get your money’s worth? Have you ever wished they could have done more?

You are not alone!

Many of us have had that dilemma, and the good news is, there are plenty of things you can do to help with this issue.

Here are some ways to get the most out of your house cleaner’s time.

One of the most time-consuming issues I’ve ever run into as a house cleaner is clutter! The level of clutter can vary greatly from one home to another. As well, the content can vary as well. Simple dusting can take four times as long to complete when you are to be constantly moving and replacing items. This can be trash left out, mail and miscellaneous papers, items left out in the open and not in their place. I.e. pens, glasses, and products sitting out.

Before your cleaner is scheduled to arrive, be sure anything that is trash is discarded. Grab all mail and/or papers and place inside a nearby drawer or cabinet where it can still be found or reached when needed. Remember, you don’t have to necessarily be putting things away and cleaning before your cleaning! This is just simply to better clear the surfaces, so they can be cleaned more quickly and efficiently.

Another way to help your house cleaner, is to remove unnecessary furniture.

This could be the chairs at your kitchen table. They’re quite troublesome moving them each in and out as your house cleaner is vacuuming and mopping. This could be as easy as flipping them upside down and being set atop the table, or if the surface of the table is to be cleaned as well, they could be moved into another area of the home that isn’t being cleaned such a pantry or laundry room. Even ottomans can be turned upside down and placed on top of sofas to ensure a good and easy coverage of your floors.

If you have children and/or animals, this is for you!

Be sure to keep your pets and children out of your cleaner’s way while they’re hard at work.There’s nothing like a curious child following right behind you as a cleaner, asking question after question, wanting to touch all of your things, and trying to help. It’s the same with a cat chasing and clawing at you with every wipe of your washcloth and a dog excited to meet a new stranger following, and jumping up on you. Baby/pet gates work great for this dilemma or simply putting animals and/or kids into a separate area with something to keep them occupied.

Also, remember to keep yourself out of the way!

Cleaning around someone can add time, but as well leave unsatisfactory results with your cleaner unable to reach all areas with the desired effectiveness. Make it a point to be out of the rooms or areas while your cleaners are tending to them.

Lastly, supplies and equipment within easy reach for your house cleaner is a must. Especially if you have certain products of your own that you want them to use specifically. Nothing wastes time like doing laps through a home. Having these products readily available in the rooms and/or areas they are to be used is key! This will allow your house cleaner to have less unnecessary back and forth traffic.

Hopefully these tips can help you as well as your house cleaner.

If not, feel free to ask your cleaner what more you can do to help encourage quicker task completion!

Do you want to get more out of a house cleaner’s time, But don’t have a reliable cleaner?

If you are in the Dayton, Ohio area, reach out to Cleaning by Nikkilyn for a quote today!

Is Your House Cleaning Service Going the Extra Mile?

Is Your Housecleaning Service Going the Extra Mile

There are plenty of cleaning services out there, and so many differences between them. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the perfect one to provide all the especially particular services you like to have provided to you. Given this fact, you’re able to know whether or not your home cleaner is willing to go the extra mile to compete for your business can easily be recognized in a few questions.

Does my House Cleaner provide ALL the services I wish I could have done at my residence?

Certainly any service you seek will give at least the basics of a good cleaning such as dusting and vacuuming. But what about the things that are sometimes not covered by other services?

These things include doing laundry, bed linen changes, and even so much as organizing, putting things away, and finding good places for your items.

Was I entirely satisfied with my first visit? 

Many times on a first visit, it can easily seem like there wasn’t enough done, or there was too much time spent. That’s a common feeling of new clients after an initial appointment. This can leave yourself, the client not so eager to schedule a next appointment.

So what does your house cleaning service do to win you over in such a limited time window? My company Cleaning By Nikkilyn LLC has a policy of providing a free hour of service included within any client’s first appointment to ensure their satisfaction. Check to see what special perk is available to you as a first time client before you decide to settle with any particular service.

What if they missed a spot?

This is something that is actually easy to do. I have been cleaning for years and have still had instances where I’ve forgotten certain parts of the toilet, forgot to take out the trash, or replace the bag, or even miss a large portion of the home entirely. Don’t be too hard on your cleaning service! After all, we’re all human, and all of us make mistakes. The important part is what happens if there is a task that was forgotten, or not done well enough.

Do you need a cleaning service in the Dayton area that goes the extra mile?

My company Cleaning By Nikkilyn LLC offers to return to your home to retouch any part of your home cleaning you deem as unsatisfactory, and this is at no additional charge!

Make sure any home cleaner you are seeking adheres to these kinds of standards if an “all the way clean” home is important to you.

Going the extra mile doesn’t have to include every one of these qualities and services. Overall, a house cleaner going the extra mile is keeping you a happy and returning client. They should be eager to keep you as such! After all, it is clients like you that keep them in business.