How can I have my Home Cleaned regularly if I’m hardly EVER home?

The most common reason clients need their homes cleaned is simply a lack of adequate time, and lack of ability to be present.

This is a problem any seasoned house cleaner has dealt with on a recurring basis, and there are often multiple solutions!

First and foremost, many people have a hard time imagining someone in there home for an extended period of time while they’re not present. So before jumping straight into that risky situation, do your research on the companies or people you are considering for cleaning.

Before scheduled routine cleanings, a usual first step is a consultation to communicate what is to be done, as well as further specifics. But this is not always mandatory to be in person. Ask your cleaner in question if an over the phone consultation is available. I’ve had plenty of clients give very clear requests of what they want done, and as well, great instructions on how they like them to be done. Also, any other specifics that need to be addressed can be done this way such as cleaners to be used and/or not used, whether or not there are pets in the home, and desired techniques.

After having all important details discussed and understood, you should be all ready to have your first appointment booked. All that is left is their means of entry onto the premises.

There are plenty of options upon the arrival of your house cleaner.

One option is to give your cleaner a key to your home. This can be a duplicate key made just for them. If that doesn’t sit well with you, you can always leave a spare key in a secret accessible predetermined area like under a rug, under a particular rock, or even inside your mailbox.

Another option is available only if you have a garage on your residence. A given garage code could be your cleaner’s means of entry. This way, the garage can be closed behind them both after arrival and departure upon your request.

The last option is to leave an unlocked access point. This does not have to be your front door! This can be a side door, or back patio door. But whatever works best for you is perfect. And this can be locked behind them as they’re leaving. The neighborhood you live in as well as your surroundings will have the most impact on which method you choose.

Above all, having a house cleaner you can trust is key!

If you don’t have a trusted house cleaner, feel free to contact us at Cleaning By Nikkilyn LLC, and get your home serviced without a physical presence being necessary for your consultation or any cleanings.

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