How Clean does your Home Look?

After we’ve done what we consider a good enough amount of straightening up, we’re usually okay with how our place looks. Even if we aren’t, others’ perceptions of our homes are often worse than our own! With that being said, it helps to get some perspective on how others view your home.

Keeping your home appealing to the naked eye usually falls into 3 categories. Living by these will easily keep your guests’ eyes happy.

Put It Away

This may be a bit hard for some to understand the gravity of this method. We, depending on how our brain works, each have a specific amount of what we are okay with leaving out, and needing to have put away before company arrives. Some simply have no shame in their game.

But if you’re reading this post, you most likely don’t fall into this category!

The things you will be putting away will be anything that isn’t used for decoration, or have a purpose in where it is placed. Common examples of things that qualify for being put away are as follows.

  • Your stacks of mail/documents that need reviewed or sorted

Sure, they’re probably super important. But sticking them in a nearby drawer or cabinet while others visit is all that needs to happen. As long as it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind!

  • Your trash/food sitting out waiting to be cleaned up

Pitch it if that’s where it needs to be. If food is still to be consumed later, you can stick that plate or bowl into an area where it can’t be seen! Great locations for this are either inside the refrigerator, the microwave, or even the oven.

  • Toys belonging to your animals and/or children lying around

Whether they’re on the ground, or on your furniture, they’re quite distracting to the eyes. Having these put away in a different room than where your company will be will keep their eyes where you want them! Even putting them all in a specific basket or storage area in the corner of the room will help keep them out of your guests view.

Broadly speaking, anything that can be put away or has a specific area it belongs to, put it there! If it doesn’t serve a purpose where it is placed, it needs to be placed out of sight.

If it isn’t used to decorate your home and put a smile on your face when you look at it, it needs not to be seen!


The spots I am referencing are any undesirable stains, scuffs, or marks that aren’t meant to be there. These are common areas that can be checked for spot removal.

  • Walls

All the scuff marks at your baseboards, or the fingertips across your walls are quite a distraction to your guests. These are easiest to remove with a magic eraser, or even a cloth with soapy water can do the trick. Be sure to check what is okay to clean your walls with given the type of paint you have on your walls in regards to glossy vs flat paint.


  • Furniture, curtains, upholstery

A simple wash cycle will help most of your spots, however if they’re resistant stains, a good scrubbing or stain removal product can be used to see if it can be salvaged. If this spot, or spots are unable to be removed, try covering them up, putting them behind something else, or even throwing them away!

  • Your backsplash

This is a place that is often neglected even when people are doing wall cleaning. It is also though, one of the most in-need areas to be cleared of unwanted spots! All that food and grease splatter with cooking and preparing meals really leaves a lasting impression on you backsplash whether it’s subway tiles, the same as your walls, or even another texture.

Using a magic eraser works wonders here. But a tough scrubbing utensil, or even a razor scraper could be used if there are spots that are that resistant. Be sure to bend down to eye level to get a good inventory of what all you have to conquer. Moving your eyes to different angles of the backsplash will ensure that you don’t miss any spots.

  • Carpets, entry rugs, & runners

Same as your upholstery, trying a cycle in the washer, and using stain removal techniques could be done first. Furthermore, if you do have carpet, especially carpet that has more spots than you want to sit and remove on your hands and knees, you can have it cleaned! Either by yourself with your own purchased carpet cleaner, or by a professional carpet cleaning company.

Plus… there’s nothing like those perfectly placed lines they leave when they’re done, which brings me to my last category.


There are people that love to see things looking uniform, symmetrical, and looking like they’re in agreement and not clashing. This goes for…

  • Curtains and the way they’re hanging should be the same on opposite sides whether open, closed, pulled back, or tied.
  • Throw pillows or blankets should be placed in a visibly strategic manner to look like they’re there for a purpose on your seating furniture.
  • Blinds should all be level wherever the bottom of them fall. Not lopsided. As well, all sets of blinds should be open/closed in regards to viewing outside the same amount as the others. More so, all the sets of blinds in a particular room should entirely have the same look in unison.
  • Your vacuuming pattern should be eye candy as well! Doing it in a repeated pattern with consist rows that go in the same direction will be quite a vision for visitors.

Following these guidelines will leave even the most perfectionist guest of yours in visual harmony!

I once did a cleaning for a client, and once finished later on that day, she sent me a screenshot of her husband’s first text to her after seeing the cleaning….

The text read, “Our house looks like it’s staged for a showing.”

That is one of the greatest and most gratifying compliments I’ve ever received as a home cleaner.

If you want to impress your guests with the look of your home, this is the standard you need to keep in mind! No worries if you don’t have the eye to get this done for your place by yourself. Allow my staff and I at Cleaning By Nikkilyn LLC to get you the look that’s pleasing to all for your home!


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