How Clean does your Home Smell?


This is a topic that was lightly discussed in my previous post. In it, I mentioned that visitors can often times can pick up on what your home smells like before even stepping into your home! So, I’m going to dive all the way in and share everything I know about what other people smell when they visit your home. I’ll discuss how to spot what the smells are, and as well, how to get rid of them!

We’re all familiar with the term “nose blind” right?

Well it is real! No matter what your home smells like, it’s easy to get used to that same smell day in and day out. Which brings me to my first topic. In order to get your home smelling pleasant to others, first and foremost you need to know what your place smells like.


This can be done a couple different ways.

One way is to leave your home for a good period of time. Upon returning, be mindful of what you’re smelling once you get to the door and walk in.

If this still doesn’t give you the clarity you need, you can also ask a nonjudgmental friend or neighbor to come by and give their opinion on what they smell when they walk in.

If there is a foul odor present, and your not sure where it’s coming from, below are the most common household odors and how to rid yourself of them!


This is the most common of our household odors and is an easy fix!

Check your receptacle to make sure it’s not simply time to take out the trash. As well, what you put in your trash may make the scent intolerable to wait until the bag is full. If this is the case, try putting pungent items in a tightly tied grocery bag before pitching it.

Secondly, check the receptacle itself without a bag in it. Holes in our bags happen and nastiness gets through! A good washing out will do the trick. Be sure to wipe out the outside as well as the inside.

You may also want to consider where your trash is placed, or whether or not it has a lid. Either way, you can try putting a lid on it, and placing it within a lower cabinet. If it doesn’t fit, try purchasing one that’s a bit smaller. All it takes is taking out the trash a little more frequently!

Lastly, there are plenty of bags available to you with pleasant varieties whether you like floral, fresh linen, or perfume-like scents. These can always help to combat the unpleasant smells of your trash no matter how well it’s managed.


Your sink could be the culprit behind a stench in your home. One full of dirty dishes is an obvious issue. But if your sink is empty, it may be the drain or garbage disposal.

Once your dishes are cleared and your garbage disposal is emptied, you can conquer any further possible odors in your garage disposal with a lemon! Simply cut into about 6 slices and send it through your disposal as it really helps to freshen every corner.

If your the problem persists beyond all of these previous efforts, your drain may be in need of a strong product to clear it up, or even a visit from a plumbing professional.

Food Spoiling

Many foods in your kitchen have potential to give scent signals to let you know when they’re not their best anymore.

Take inventory of your foods, check dates, and pitch any foods that are beyond. Also, be sure to open and do a smell test of others just to be sure.

Proper food storage is key to keeping your food fresher longer. Be sure your refrigerator is set to your desired chill settings. Furthermore, consider what containers you’re using to preserve. It may be time for a change for the better!


Our pets are adorable, but their odors are not!

They can be even more offensive to our guests. Checking for hidden messes is the first step in erasing odors. These messes are usually on floors, however, make sure there aren’t soiled linens lying around, or even the sides of furniture and/or walls. Also, if you have a cat, checking to make sure the litter box is kept up with is an obvious step.

Items may need to be wiped down, tossed into the washer, or even thrown away if they’re not salvageable.


This is by far the most controversial smell to encounter by non-smokers. If you’re truly not wanting to offend future guests and you currently smoke in your home, you may want to consider smoking outside from now on.

Overwhelming Scents

Even if you don’t have an odor issue with any of the above culprits, you’re not off the hook!

Some home scent products like candles, plug-ins, aerosol sprays, automatic sprayers, and burning wax can give adverse effects depending how much of them is being used.

Your guests could end up with a headache after being in your home too long. A good way to tell if this is the case is to simply ask for an outside opinion.

Surprise Last Minute Visitors

We’ve all had people show up unannounced. If this happens to you, and you obviously don’t have time to complete these fixes, there’s still hope!

The quickest way to reset the scent of your home is to open windows allowing fresh air through your home. If there’s not much wind though, you may not be doing as much as you think. Turning on ceiling fans will really help getting the air flowing in and out.

DIY… or Don’t

You may be very conscious of the way your home smells. However, it doesn’t mean you have the time or energy to do all these tasks yourself.

Allow us at Cleaning By Nikkilyn LLC to evaluate the scent of your home and get it to a nice fresh scent your guests will love!

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