How to Clean Dried Wax from Surfaces

For those who don’t know any better, the spilling of wax on any flat surface or even carpet means that something is simply ruined. This is not the case! Below, I explain how to salvage items victim to the dreaded wax spill.

The first step to cleaning up wax is to…

STOP & Evaluate

I’ve been cleaning a home before, and while dusting as quickly as possible, I didn’t notice that the beautiful decorative piece was actually filled with hot wax! Before I know it, there’s a small spill. The reason I say to stop and evaluate, is because I’ve been in the position where you think it’s not that bad and it’s going to be a quick and easy clean up. I would be deep in cleaning mode, forget it was there nearby, and bump into it creating spill number two! Never underestimate the probability of it happening all over again as you’re in the process of cleaning it up! This will take you right back to square one in a second.

So the first step no matter where your wax spill occurs is to…

Eliminate any chance of another spill!

Turn off the wax burner, blow out the candle, and move them to a space far away from where the cleanup needs to take place. Preventative measures are truly a must!

For Carpet and Fabrics

First with your fingers, pull up any big chunks you can in order to save yourself some time. Next, get an iron handy, plug it in, and turn it on so it will be ready once you are.

As well, find a cloth, old t-shirt, or any piece of fabric that you don’t mind trashing. You will cover the now hot iron with this fabric as a barrier layer between the wax spill and the iron.  The wax will heat very quickly and transfer to your trash-worthy piece.

Depending on how big your spill is, you’ll need to move the cloth piece around using clean areas until the wax soaks and covers these used spots. Continue this step until you’re unable to see anymore wax where you don’t want to see it.

For Hard Surfaces

Get out your wallet!

Not because it’s going to cost you money, but because you will need a card. A flimsy bendable card can do just the trick if you have a thin and/or small spill. Even a fresh spill does well with a flexible card as it might still be warm and soft to be easily manipulated and removed.

You’ll need a card that is relatively firm if this is an old spill that has sat for awhile and has really cooled, hardened, and even adhered to the surface.

The idea is to get these cards as smoothly against the surface as you can as that is the key to a quicker removal having it removed in one or two swipes. You don’t want to be on top of the wax chipping away at it. You want to be underneath it lifting it up and away.

For Curved Areas

A hot spoon works perfectly in a curved area such as a sink corner where a card can’t access it well enough to be effective. First, grab a cloth, or paper towels to wrap around the handle of the spoon so you don’t get burnt.

The next step depends on how hot your tap water gets.I have clients’ homes who’s water will only get pretty warm. Others though, will scold you horribly within a few seconds if you don’t pay attention to the position in which you turned the water on.

If running your spoon under the tap isn’t an option for you, you can simply get a small sauce pan with a small amount of water. Once it’s to a boil, hold your spoon (opposite end of the handle) in the water. When you feel it is heated enough to soften and manipulate wax, take it to your spill and get to work.

Your Favorites can be Saved

Don’t fret if you spilled some of your most favorite wax. So long as your wax didn’t mix with some other substance, you can easily toss it right back into your burner to salvage it! Especially if you’re able to remove it in one full piece. I’ve actually been able to save the complete amount of wax spilled in plenty of previous cleanups.

Wax clean ups don’t have to be your problem though! Even if you learned something new here, it doesn’t help with the motivation needed for DIY projects. If you have a spill that is beyond your will to do, contact me at Cleaning By Nikkilyn LLC to have us clean up the spilled wax and then some!


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