How to Get More Out of Your Housecleaner’s Time

How to Get More Out of Your Houecleaner's TimeHave you ever paid for a house cleaners time, and felt as a result that you didn’t get your money’s worth? Have you ever wished they could have done more?

You are not alone!

Many of us have had that dilemma, and the good news is, there are plenty of things you can do to help with this issue.

Here are some ways to get the most out of your house cleaner’s time.

One of the most time-consuming issues I’ve ever run into as a house cleaner is clutter! The level of clutter can vary greatly from one home to another. As well, the content can vary as well. Simple dusting can take four times as long to complete when you are to be constantly moving and replacing items. This can be trash left out, mail and miscellaneous papers, items left out in the open and not in their place. I.e. pens, glasses, and products sitting out.

Before your cleaner is scheduled to arrive, be sure anything that is trash is discarded. Grab all mail and/or papers and place inside a nearby drawer or cabinet where it can still be found or reached when needed. Remember, you don’t have to necessarily be putting things away and cleaning before your cleaning! This is just simply to better clear the surfaces, so they can be cleaned more quickly and efficiently.

Another way to help your house cleaner, is to remove unnecessary furniture.

This could be the chairs at your kitchen table. They’re quite troublesome moving them each in and out as your house cleaner is vacuuming and mopping. This could be as easy as flipping them upside down and being set atop the table, or if the surface of the table is to be cleaned as well, they could be moved into another area of the home that isn’t being cleaned such a pantry or laundry room. Even ottomans can be turned upside down and placed on top of sofas to ensure a good and easy coverage of your floors.

If you have children and/or animals, this is for you!

Be sure to keep your pets and children out of your cleaner’s way while they’re hard at work.There’s nothing like a curious child following right behind you as a cleaner, asking question after question, wanting to touch all of your things, and trying to help. It’s the same with a cat chasing and clawing at you with every wipe of your washcloth and a dog excited to meet a new stranger following, and jumping up on you. Baby/pet gates work great for this dilemma or simply putting animals and/or kids into a separate area with something to keep them occupied.

Also, remember to keep yourself out of the way!

Cleaning around someone can add time, but as well leave unsatisfactory results with your cleaner unable to reach all areas with the desired effectiveness. Make it a point to be out of the rooms or areas while your cleaners are tending to them.

Lastly, supplies and equipment within easy reach for your house cleaner is a must. Especially if you have certain products of your own that you want them to use specifically. Nothing wastes time like doing laps through a home. Having these products readily available in the rooms and/or areas they are to be used is key! This will allow your house cleaner to have less unnecessary back and forth traffic.

Hopefully these tips can help you as well as your house cleaner.

If not, feel free to ask your cleaner what more you can do to help encourage quicker task completion!

Do you want to get more out of a house cleaner’s time, But don’t have a reliable cleaner?

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