Is your Home as Clean to Others as it is to You?

We all know how we differ in our opinion of what is clean, dirty, and all in between. There are people that are clean freaks that can’t operate or think clearly with any one thing out of place. There are others who know exactly where everything is in the midst of their mess. They say, “There’s a method to the madness!” And they’re correct! If you clean up, putting things where you think they belong, they will be at a loss as to finding anything of theirs.

Where you fall as a person in this broad spectrum of clean versus dirty is your own business!

But none of us want our business aired to the world. So we clean up a bit when friends, guests, or even complete strangers are set to arrive.

Our version of tidying up beforehand may seem pointless to your guest simply due to where they fall in the spectrum of clean. In order to not offend those you’ve invited, follow these insights of what makes a home clean to others.

The Smell

I list smell first because people will smell your home and make a judgement far before even seeing inside. Many times, people can tell what your home smells like before even walking in the door! Yes, I am one of those people. It can be either a good thing or a bad thing if the scent of your home reaches their noses while they’re waiting on you to let them in.

We all can notice the way other peoples’ homes smell better than we can notice what our own home smells like. This is due to us becoming what is known as “nose blind”.

The best way to get some insight of your home’s scent, is to leave for a period of time. Returning back to your place and getting a good inhale of air, should give you an idea of what your home smells like. If not, you could always grab a nonjudgmental friend, family member or neighbor to take a step into your home to get a good outside perspective.

The Look

The first look they get into your home will be the second way they evaluate how clean your home is. This can vary from clutter sitting out, visible stains on the walls or floor, or even your throw pillows, curtains, and blinds looking disheveled and out of order.

If a space looks disorderly as far as it’s content is concerned, it can overwhelm your guests that are the more organized type. Clearing anything that isn’t where it should be, and straightening up will help your place look more welcoming.

The Feel

This will be anything your guests can pick up on through their sense of touch. For instance, if they place their hands at your table and/or counter tops, feeling less than a smooth clean surface will have your company keeping their hands to themselves for their remaining time in your home.

In order to avoid this situation, be sure to see for yourself how your surfaces feel to the touch. It’s one thing to wipe down your surfaces. It’s an another to check simultaneously by running your bare hand over the surfaces to be sure.

This can also be anything they can feel on you floors if they’ve taken off their shoes. Yes, even if they still have their socks on! A simple walkway vacuuming is a very quick way to solve this issue.

Still want to know more in depth about how people perceive your home?

I’ll be diving specifically into each one of these aspects individually for future blog posts in the weeks to come. So stay tuned!

If you need some outside help getting your home up to your guests’ standard of clean, contact me at Cleaning By Nikkilyn LLC.


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