Is Your House Cleaning Service Going the Extra Mile?

Is Your Housecleaning Service Going the Extra Mile

There are plenty of cleaning services out there, and so many differences between them. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the perfect one to provide all the especially particular services you like to have provided to you. Given this fact, you’re able to know whether or not your home cleaner is willing to go the extra mile to compete for your business can easily be recognized in a few questions.

Does my House Cleaner provide ALL the services I wish I could have done at my residence?

Certainly any service you seek will give at least the basics of a good cleaning such as dusting and vacuuming. But what about the things that are sometimes not covered by other services?

These things include doing laundry, bed linen changes, and even so much as organizing, putting things away, and finding good places for your items.

Was I entirely satisfied with my first visit? 

Many times on a first visit, it can easily seem like there wasn’t enough done, or there was too much time spent. That’s a common feeling of new clients after an initial appointment. This can leave yourself, the client not so eager to schedule a next appointment.

So what does your house cleaning service do to win you over in such a limited time window? My company Cleaning By Nikkilyn LLC has a policy of providing a free hour of service included within any client’s first appointment to ensure their satisfaction. Check to see what special perk is available to you as a first time client before you decide to settle with any particular service.

What if they missed a spot?

This is something that is actually easy to do. I have been cleaning for years and have still had instances where I’ve forgotten certain parts of the toilet, forgot to take out the trash, or replace the bag, or even miss a large portion of the home entirely. Don’t be too hard on your cleaning service! After all, we’re all human, and all of us make mistakes. The important part is what happens if there is a task that was forgotten, or not done well enough.

Do you need a cleaning service in the Dayton area that goes the extra mile?

My company Cleaning By Nikkilyn LLC offers to return to your home to retouch any part of your home cleaning you deem as unsatisfactory, and this is at no additional charge!

Make sure any home cleaner you are seeking adheres to these kinds of standards if an “all the way clean” home is important to you.

Going the extra mile doesn’t have to include every one of these qualities and services. Overall, a house cleaner going the extra mile is keeping you a happy and returning client. They should be eager to keep you as such! After all, it is clients like you that keep them in business.

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