When I clean for you, you can take advantage of special promotions for new and current clients.  There are many different ways you can get a great deal for my cleaning services.

First Time Discount

New customers are automatically eligible for a free hour of cleaning services. After our no-cost consultation, your free hour will be included on the second cleaning session.

Refer a Friend

With every client I go clean for, and mentions you as their referral, you’ll get an hour free. If you know enough people in need, you could have a full 4 hour cleaning completely free!

Schedule an Extra Cleaning

For any appointment you book that is in addition to your routinely scheduled cleanings, get a free hour included!

Get More Out of My Time

Help give me more time to get your big jobs done by cleaning the clutter and making surfaces and items to be cleaned more easily accessible. You’d be surprised how much more you can get done with a clear work space!

Look Out for the Holidays

Keep your eyes out for special deals during holidays. I love to reward my clients with free hours of my services. You can usually score free hour gifts when the holiday season approaches.