There are a few things I look for when I hire a cleaning service: Honesty, dependability, ability to clean, care of items in the house. Nikkilyn from Cleaning By Nikkilyn does a tremendous job at cleaning and taking care of my house. She is dependable, nothing gets broken or damaged, and above all, nothing disappears. I don’t have to be home to either babysit or to make certain items of mine do not disappear. She can let herself in and lock the house on her way out. I am always grateful for the way the house looks after she is done. The house looks great. All cleaned up and shiny. Cleaning By Nikkilyn is an A+ awesome service.

C. E. Alfaro

Centerville, Ohio


My favorite day of the week is the day I come home to a clean house. Luckily, I met Nikkilyn, and now I have those days!

I was on the lookout for help with house cleaning. I put a message out, connected with Nikkilyn, and she came over that weekend for a consultation. Her knowledge about the care of granite, stainless steel, and cabinet cleaning was awesome. I learned things from her that I hadn’t known before. I have a 1,800 square foot condo with hardwood floors throughout the upper level and carpet on the lower level and stairs. It’s a big house! Nikkilyn moves through it in 4 hours. That’s amazing!

Nikkilyn is dependable, trustworthy, flexible, easy to work with, and above all-she is a professional. I recommend her service to anyone who appreciates those qualities.

Marilyn Woods


Cleaning By Nikkilyn did an amazing job! I came home to a beautiful clean home. I will definitely use them again.

Jenny Marano


Cleaning By Nikkilyn has been my cleaning service of choice for more than 2 years now. I’ve tried others before but none came even close to the quality and thoroughness that Nikkilyn has consistently delivered. She’s always been on time and willing to work with my schedule when I need to make changes. I also always felt very at ease letting her in my home. I normally wouldn’t like the thought of a stranger coming in but it was never like that with her. To top it all off, her rates are extremely reasonable. I totally recommend Cleaning By Nikkilyn.

Andrea B.


Nikkilyn has been cleaning our house for several months now. We are using her service once a month. She is always on time and never canceled our scheduled cleaning appointment. She presents herself  in a very professional uniform. She seems detail oriented and cleans our house very well. We are very pleased with her service and would recommend her service to anyone.

Galina L. & Doug B.