Shark vs Dyson Which is Better & Why

This is a detailed account of my experiences with these vacuums as a house cleaner. I have learned THROUGH EXPERIENCE to love one and hate the other. Read further to decide which.

In the beginning, I had no idea how much vacuum quality varied. I figured… they all suck up dirt, people just get pulled into paying for brands because their ability to draw you in with good advertising. I thought of new vacuums and their advertising, the same as I thought of a new mascara and their advertising.

(Put on a different colored/shaped brush, rename it with an innovative word, and advertise as if it now suddenly does more!)

Obviously, I had a lot to learn.

I had no need or thought of buying a vacuum at the initial start of my business as I was using my clients’ own personal vacuums on their homes. This became an issue once I had troubles arising with particular vacuums here or there. Some clients’ vacuums would stop working at some point. I’d be forced to leave without finishing my full cleaning job. That was never a good feeling, and furthermore, helped give me the initiative to become more professionally independent.

In my very first vacuum purchase for the business, I wasted both time and energy wanting to be as frugal as possible. This meant spending around 40.00 dollars on the most basic vacuum I could find.

This showed me quicker than I ever could’ve imagined that it was a mistake!

In between using my clients vacuums, and buying a couple horrible ones, I was seeing quite a pattern. Majority of my clients either had Shark or Dyson. I had plenty of experience with both of them.

Thus, I realized my good experiences were coming from only one of the brands, and the bad experiences were from the other. These are the issues as well as absence of problems that I experienced using these vacuum brands.

Width of the Base

Dyson models have all had a wider base, which may seem more effective at first for getting a lot of work done faster. However, this wide front end is limited as far as fitting into tighter spaces such as between the toilet and walls. Not to mention the huge “ball” in the middle That prevents more than it helps. I never understood why that was advertised as a feature.

The Shark’s skinnier base and no bulky ball in the way, effortlessly fits in between these areas minimizing spending time retrieving hoses and attachments.

Tool/hose retrieval time

Having to use the hose on a Dyson was always something I tried to avoid since I knew very well how much trouble it was to access it. In retrieving it, I always came out with this horribly long piece that seemed too obnoxious for anyone to need, at least frequently. On top of that, putting an attachment on was another job within itself.

Thankfully with the Shark, the hose, as well as the attachments are easy access and saves me a lot of time! I have a two step process that is easy and is done in seconds!

Debris in Front of the Vacuum

There is a huge difference in modern models of each vacuum.

That location is the front of the base. Anytime I’ve had to use a Dyson, anything that is just a bit larger, it doesn’t go under the vacuum to get sucked in. Rather it gets pushed to the baseboard and doesn’t matter how many times I run the vacuum back over it. I end up having to bend over and pick it up by hand. Not a good thing for my time, or my back.

Shark though, now has a soft roller in the front in addition to the regular brush roll underneath. This roller spins incredibly fast drawing in anything in front of it and allowing it underneath the vacuum to be sucked away. No constraints on my time or back here!

Upright Locking Mechanism

There are actually two flaws that I’ve experienced with Dyson within the locking mechanism.

One of them is the ability to pause, and stand the vacuum in the upright position. As I need to stop and unplug, I will stand the vacuum up and step away to replug. When I’ve done this with Dyson, I’ve watched clients vacuums come crashing backwards to the floor!

At first, I thought perhaps one of my clients just had an old/broken vacuum. Then I started noticing it with most all Dyson vacuums. Even after hearing a click, you still have to check and make sure it’s locked in. Sometimes this means man handling the vacuum and really shoving it into that position.

The second issue with the locking mechanism is the ability to travel with the vacuum not in use and in the upright position. Usually, I’m able to keep a vacuum in the upright position, tilt it back, and travel room to room riding on it’s back wheels. I’m not able to do this with Dyson due to the base coming crashing to the ground.

This would happen anytime I transitioned from hard flooring to carpet. Sometimes it would even happen at random as if the base simply got tired of holding itself up! Forcing me to have to push the vacuum with much more effort across carpet.

I have never experienced any issues AT ALL with the Shark locking mechanism!


One word you’ve heard a lot from me in this post is TIME. As a house cleaner, clients are paying for my time. I like to keep my clients happy. Making the most of my time keeps my clients happy.

I know my time is much more wisely spent using a Shark rather than a Dyson.

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