The Benefits of Spring Cleaning

The motivation for spring cleaning every year is pretty much involuntary for me. Something happens inside of me around that time of year that gets me busy without any sense of procrastination.

This however, is not true for everyone. Not all of us are blessed with the instincts of what a good spring cleaning does for us!

Here are a few benefits of a yearly spring cleaning to get you in on the yearly trend that all your friends are taking advantage of.

Conquering the Dust

This might seem like something you take care of regularly. However, I’m not referencing the general dusting you do regularly. I’m talking about the stuff you leave out…for various reasons such as,

“I can’t get up there without a ladder.”

”I’ll get to it later.”

”I never noticed THAT.”

”Too much of a project.”

”It’s not that bad right now…”

The Spring time is when the long lost sunshine returns with a vengeance shining it’s light on all you’ve neglected! You’d be surprised to see how well your dust becomes noticeable after the sun gets a hold of it! Or dare I say your guests will! Getting these usually neglected areas will give you a great sense of accomplishment and pride.

A Beautiful Unobstructed View of the Outdoors

There’s a big difference between looking through a clean window as opposed to a dirty one. Even more so, opening a clean/dirty one! Spring time will me more tempting than ever to open a window here or there and have more looks outside.

Getting your windows deep cleaned is great for this time of year. Doing so can be a big project with reaching both sides, getting frames, sills, etc.

Mental Clarity 

Think of this as you’re taking inventory. Plenty of things go unused for quite a while. However some thing shouldn’t go so long, and if they do, it’s probably because they belong in the trash, or they should be given to someone who’d put them to good use.

Going through those old storage bins/Tupperware containers of “stuff” can really free up some extra space. Both physically and mentally! There’s nothing like KNOWING what you have and don’t have. Another great feeling is the one you get when you find the long lost item you thought was gone forever or perhaps even forgot about!

Added Happiness

It’s Spring cleaning for a reason! It’s because those first few days of raw uncut sunshine give your body what it needs to produce more happy feelings! The natural effects of sunshine should help get you going on the start of you Spring cleaning experience. The end result of your cleaning journey will have all these benefits wrapped into one happy Spring season!

However, not all of us have the time or energy to handle such a job regardless of what time of year it is! For those of you with trouble getting it done yourselves, Contact me and get Cleaning By Nikkilyn LLC to do it for you! This way, you can reap all the benefits listed, plus the one of not having to do it yourself!




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